LAY ASIDE ALL PERSONAL  AND EXCESS  OBJECTS - all private photos, superfluous ornaments, clothes hanging in room or in the hallway. Leave just a nice aesthetic decoration that warmth into your property

BEWARE OF ADVERTISING - as I mentioned in the introduction, make sure that you won’t photography any shampoo, detergents, toilet paper ... The pictures it unwisely nice and mostly it is not a subject that we offer for sale / lease :)

TO ANY ROOM PLACE DECORATION - you do not have any nice decoration at home? Do not panic! Absolutely sufficient, when you place on the coffee table in the living room one scented candles or flowers in a jug in the kitchen or at the dining table with a bowl of fruit or a glass of champagne with a bottle, through a bath towel and that's it! :)

MAKE SURE IT’S CLEAN - however greasy stains are not always covered.

TIME IS IMPORTATNT - property is ideal to take pictures during the day when the sun is shining. Also, the weather played out its part in this time-management. If you want to have a cozy and bright photos, Time your it!

SKILLS WITH CAMERA - the advantage is if you can handle your camera and can you adjust the aperture, the correct angle and, of course, stick with straight and clean lines. Then you can convert any photo engaging and charming.

Did you know that 70% of clients are decided based on the emotions?

So do not forget the great first impression and keep the modified state properties, such as the photographs during the sightings with the candidates.


Dominika Matyasova

Photographer & Marketing of ADRID REAL s.r.o.